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I’m an experienced features writer who interviews newsworthy people in New York City and beyond.  My fiction includes stories in the Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction and New York City Noir arena.

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Feedback from Editors, Readers, and Interviewees

Meredith… I loved this piece, and even before I’d decided on the whole collection, I knew this one would have to be the closer… it gave me flashbacks to some of the greasy dives in San Francisco where I ate at 3:30 in the morning after locking up the bar.

Craig Clevenger, Editor and Author

Great MNN article! You did an incredible job. So thorough, informative, and inspiring.

Dunton, Author, Charlotte’s New Adventure

“Thank you for a truly brilliant essay “

Nancy Wight, Upper West Side and Bigelow Society member


Fantastic article! You’re a superb writer and reporter.

Lese Dunton, Dunton Publishing

The guys really enjoyed your story.

Softball player

Very nice article on Goddard Riverside’s new youth/work program.

I like how you put it in the context of GRCC’s robust and comprehensive youth services. Glad to see you’re continuing to report on important local efforts to help the community.” ~ Stephan Russo, retired director of Goddard Riverside

You made a lot of new friends yesterday and got what the game was all about


Perfect match of style, voice and subject. Pace/rhythm is just right.

Impressive. Congrats. ~ Editor

The voice is perfect. I love it.

This is great. A pleasure to read. And much fun.

~ Editor

Great story! You packed a lot in there and really hit the highlights.

Trish Anderton, Director of Public Relations at Goddard Riverside New York

“Great Job as Usual”

~ Editor

You truly captured the essence of Morty’s game. I guess that’s what good writers do.

“Growing up with 3 brothers helped you understand the relationships and friendships created by team sports.”

Jim Bitros General Manager Softball Team going on in Central Park since the 1940’s

“Kudos to you on a great piece”


~  Editor

“I squirreled away a few copies and just finished reading the piece and I think it’s excellent!!!”

Thank you so much!!

~ Interviewee

“Great job, Meredith. So well done. You really take the reader with you.”

~D.N., Editor

“Shocked!! I went down to the lobby …and there was…the latest West Side Spirit and so, I casually leafed through it and OMG!!! OMG!!! IT’S THERE!!!”

Interviewee for the West Side Spirit


“Wonderful article!! We will be sharing on Social Media to our followers.”

Michael Anderson, Dir. of Achilles International NYC


“You’ve done so much to define the book attractively and I love the friendly way you’ve addressed the reader … you created an irresistible invitation to read the book.”


Ellen Gilman, Author


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