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Winter 2023-2024 

‘Eternal Flame Diner’ selected for Diner Noir’s ‘Put Out the Lights and Cry’ anthology published by Outcast Press 

 Meredith… I loved this piece, and even before I’d decided on the whole collection, I knew this one would have to be the closer… it gave me flashbacks to some of the greasy dives in San Francisco where I ate at 3:30 in the morning after locking up the bar.”  Craig Clevenger, Diner Noir editor


Who and what are your readers interested in?

I’m an experienced features writer who interviews newsworthy (and now including some fictional) people in New York City in business and the arts. Previous business byline on Long Island. Education includes the University of Maryland, and more recently, short courses at the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.  

Featured Articles

“I can make what I can imagine,” states Ira Sherman… The artist’s work chronicles his 50-year, ever-increasing mastery of metal working and fabrication techniques that get “the metal to do what [he] wants it to do,” though “it takes a long time to get the aesthetics right.”


Dustin Jones got off the subway at Union Station, rolled onto the platform and discovered that the elevator that the MTA claimed was in service was out of order. He was stuck, several flights of stairs underground. There was a strong chance the elevator at the next station would also be inoperable.


We are a bookish clan up here. If you’re like me, bedtime finds you drooling slightly on your pillow, fingers splayed about a book and the light on. (True Confession? I dog ear.) … for every rabid reader there’s a secret writer… Most believe their story will never become a physical book. Well, there’s good news, hidden storytellers — Shakespeare and Co. offers a chance to be published, at a reasonable price, without undue delay.


New York was founded in 1624. 60 years later Madison Square Park became public and about 160 years after that we created baseball. Sure, you’ve heard about Cooperstown, but I’m sorry. The Knickerbocker Rules, the nine innings and the whole schmiel are from right here. We could argue about it. I’m sure someone somewhere is.


There are no neon lights and the red door tucked in a corner is nondescript. The bartender’s on his eighth sticky note, scrawling out “must go” places in the Village for two women from Wales who are enjoying ‘Tea Time.’ “They don’t exist anymore,” people tell me when hunting for a cozy neighborhood piano bar. The bartender shrugs, almost agreeing. “This is the best one in the city and we’re able to stay because the bar owner also owns the building.” 


“We always need children’s underwear,” said my Children of Bellevue guide. “We just can’t have enough.” The packages with colorful images of Disney characters or other pop stars of the under-four group were tucked in a small cabinet. Many children admitted here are victims of abuse, coming in without underwear, or worse, a pair that must be thrown away. This truth has stuck in my throat for three years.


COMMUNITY BOARD 7 MTG: It’s not a smoke-filled back room; it’s a second floor, badly fluorescent-lit space… Board members, all volunteers, prepare to plow through the dry agenda. Their loosened ties and slightly crumpled dresses reveal they’re coming from a long day of work… Then a young man of 15 rolls in on his motorized wheelchair. The tone and mood changes … The teenager waits patiently for his agenda item to come up… He lives in a prewar building that has no ramp.


Our country is built on immigrants driven to improve family chances, lives and legacy. My father’s 1930’s high school diploma is three times the size of today’s and is embellished with broad calligraphy. Completing 12th grade in Illinois farm country was rare. My grandfather had a fourth grade education. Grandma had none… My mother worked at Woolworths during the Depression to pay for college while my father used the GI Bill after serving in WWII to complete his degree.

Steal $12 Million Diamonds? Not so fast

For decades I’ve dodged a bullet; jury duty. I’ve been rejected because of relatives in the legal business. Once I was rejected for confessing to being an avid reader… This crime occurred close to home; the Diamond District… During the trial we received a crash course on the tools and identifiers for how diamonds are chosen, bought and sold. I learned about how to launder money, say a few million dirty dollars, at a casino.

Talking Trash AND Rats

I think my 221,000 nearest neighbors would agree: the Upper West Side is the best place to live…  bookstores, seven subway lines, the American Museum of Natural History and Beacon Theatre…. We grab groceries at Gristedes, Fairway, Zingones (a tiny grocer with fresh produce  with a grandchild always behind the counter, doing their homework) … Barney Greengrass, with its retro chrome and just enough banter to shmear on your bagel.

argosy: Oldest bookstore in NYC

The Argosy is where the unelite and elite meet, where books costing less than a small cup of coffee are  displayed outside in the ‘gallery’ which is the store entrance.  When the New York Public Library is searching for the right book, they call the Argosy; so does the Library of Congress.  If you’re looking for a three dollar book, this is also your port of call. Argosy’s books and artwork are priced from chump change to hush money.  

Titanosaur @ AMNH

Instead of pigeons in Central Park, imagine their feathered ancestors, as tall as 5-story brownstones and about two-thirds of a city block long, lumbering on the lawns. Lining them up, tooth to tail, 22 would stretch across the width of the park. The Titanosaur would tip the scale at over 70 tons, which is a bit rough on the playgrounds… and squirrels. This is the newest permanent exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History and they had to make serious room for this historically huge visitor. .

Jerrold Nadler

The wall President Trump wants to build along the Mexican border is a “4th century solution to a 21st century problem,” Nadler told his Upper West Side consituents on Wednesday. “The president is holding the American people hostage,” said the new head of the Judiciary Committee. “There is no crisis at the border and the president keeps scaring people … It’s purely political.” Nadler’s comments came as he kept his promise to meet with the people of the 10th congressional district…  

ladies who hoop

“I used to wake up at 6 a.m. to play basketball before work,” Nedra Bryant, aka “Heat,” told me… “It was all men. Then I found Ladies Who Hoop. I never looked back.”… The games were a blur of passes, shots made, shots missed and a few falls… Tonya Carter, aka “The Oracle,” gave a play-by-play, handing out names to the players like ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Blizz What is Iz’ and ‘Silent Movie’.


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Feedback from Editors, Readers, and Interviewees

Meredith… I loved this piece, and even before I’d decided on the whole collection, I knew this one would have to be the closer… it gave me flashbacks to some of the greasy dives in San Francisco where I ate at 3:30 in the morning after locking up the bar.

Craig Clevenger, Editor and Author

Great MNN article! You did an incredible job. So thorough, informative, and inspiring.

Dunton, Author, Charlotte’s New Adventure

“Thank you for a truly brilliant essay “

Nancy Wight, Upper West Side and Bigelow Society member


Fantastic article! You’re a superb writer and reporter.

Lese Dunton, Dunton Publishing

The guys really enjoyed your story.

Softball player

Very nice article on Goddard Riverside’s new youth/work program.

I like how you put it in the context of GRCC’s robust and comprehensive youth services. Glad to see you’re continuing to report on important local efforts to help the community.” ~ Stephan Russo, retired director of Goddard Riverside

You made a lot of new friends yesterday and got what the game was all about


Perfect match of style, voice and subject. Pace/rhythm is just right.

Impressive. Congrats. ~ Editor

The voice is perfect. I love it.

This is great. A pleasure to read. And much fun.

~ Editor

Great story! You packed a lot in there and really hit the highlights.

Trish Anderton, Director of Public Relations at Goddard Riverside New York

“Great Job as Usual”

~ Editor

You truly captured the essence of Morty’s game. I guess that’s what good writers do.

“Growing up with 3 brothers helped you understand the relationships and friendships created by team sports.”

Jim Bitros General Manager Softball Team going on in Central Park since the 1940’s

“Kudos to you on a great piece”


~  Editor

“I squirreled away a few copies and just finished reading the piece and I think it’s excellent!!!”

Thank you so much!!

~ Interviewee

“Great job, Meredith. So well done. You really take the reader with you.”

~D.N., Editor

“Shocked!! I went down to the lobby …and there was…the latest West Side Spirit and so, I casually leafed through it and OMG!!! OMG!!! IT’S THERE!!!”

Interviewee for the West Side Spirit


“Wonderful article!! We will be sharing on Social Media to our followers.”

Michael Anderson, Dir. of Achilles International NYC


“You’ve done so much to define the book attractively and I love the friendly way you’ve addressed the reader … you created an irresistible invitation to read the book.”


Ellen Gilman, Author


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